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Last Updated On: 18-Jan-2023

  Cargo Traffic:

SMPA, Kolkata handled 58.175 MillionTonnes of cargotraffic during 2021-22 (4th highest annual throughput) vis-à-vis 61.368 MillionTonnes during 2020-21, registering a moderate decline of 5.20%, despite ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic and severe ‘Yaas’ cyclone unleashing in May 2021.

  • SMPK’s traffic handling was pegged in the 6th position, vis-à-vis other Major Ports of India.
  • HDC handled 42.877 MillionTonnes of cargo during 2021-22 (4th highest annual throughput) vis-à-vis 45.468 MillionTonnes in 2020-21 (5.70% decrease). KDS handled 15.298 MillionTonnes of cargo in 2021-22 vis-à-vis 15.900 MillionTonnes during 2020-21 (3.79% decline).
  • Comparative Performance:


 Comparative performance of SMP, Kolkata in 2021-22 in respect of the following commodities vis-a-vis other Indian Major Ports deserves special mention: -



Coking Coal/Other Coal


  • SMP, Kolkata ranked 1st in terms of Coking Coal & Other Coal handling amongst Major Ports of India.



Other Liquid Cargo


  • SMP, Kolkata ranked 2nd in Other Liquid Cargoamongst Major Ports.



Fertilizer (Finished)


  • SMP, Kolkata ranked 3rd in Finished Fertilizeramongst Major Ports.



Container (Tonnage)


  • SMP, Kolkata ranked 4th amongst Indian Major Ports in Container Tonnage handling.




Number of vessels handled at SMPA, Kolkata during 2021-22 was jointly highest along with Deendayal Port amongst all Indian Major Ports, handling about 15% each of the total number of vessels, which worked at the Indian Major Ports in the year under review. 2957 vessels called the Port during 2021-22.


Container Traffic:


SMPA, Kolkata ranked 5th in 2021-22 amongst Indian Major Ports in handling Container TEUs.7,35,145 Container TEUs were handled at SMPA, Kolkata during 2021-22vis-à-vis 6,87,357TEUs in 2020-21 registering 6.95% growth. Total Containerised tonnage handled was 11.8 million tonnes at SMP, Kolkata in 2021-22vis-à-vis 11.2 million tonnes in 2020-21.


KDS handled 5,69,783 TEUs in 2021-22 compared to 5,37,878 TEUs in 2020-21, posting a growth of 5.93%. It is pertinent to mention that in 2019-20, KDS achieved the highest ever container throughput of 6,75,439 TEUs. At HDC, 1,65,362 TEUswere handled in 2021-22 vis-a-vis 1,49,479 TEUsin 2020-21, an improvement of 10.63%.


Vessel Traffic:


In 2021-22, 2942 merchant vessels left KDS and HDCwith gross registered tonnage of 646 lakh tonnes, vis-a-vis 3169vessels with gross registered tonnage of 699 lakh tonnes in 2020-21. At KDS, 990 vessels and at HDC, 1952 vessels were handled in 2021-22.




         Statistics of cargo handled by Kolkata Port are given below



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