Rates of various Customs Service Providers

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Last Updated On: 23-Jul-2018


Sl. No.           Service Provider                                                                 

Export Tariff  

Effective From Date

Import Tariff  

Effective From Date

Other Tariff  

Effective From Date

1 Apeejay Infralogistics Private Limited 01-September-2013 01-September-2013  
2 A. L. Logistics Private Limited 01-January-2015 01-January-2015  
3 Balmer Lawrie & Co.Ltd 10-December-2014 10-December-2014  
4 B Ghose & Co. Pvt. Ltd. 29-June-2015 29-June-2015  
5 Century Plyboards(I) Ltd. 01-April-2018 07-May-2018  
6 Contaienr Handling Services     01-June-2015
7 CWC 01-November-2013 01-November-2013 01-November-2013 
8 Continental Agencies     18-November-2015
9 Darcl Logistics     02-February-2016
10 E.C.Bose & Co. Private Ltd.     01-April-2015
11 Emirates Shipping Agencies (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. 01-March-2015 01-March-2015  
12 Five Star Logistics Pvt. Ltd     25-July-2016
13 Ganges Trading Corporation     01-July-2018
14 J N Mukherjee & CO. Pvt. Ltd. 29-April-2016 29-April-2016 01-July-2018
15 Kaushik Global Logistics Ltd     25-Nov-2015
 16 KMTC  http://www.ekmtc.com/KMTC410/BoardDetail.do?message_id=HEN204&action=view&table_id=H
17  LOG-CCU EVERGREEN SHIPPING AGENCY (I) PVT.LTD. 30-June-2016 30-June-2016  
18 LCL Logistix (India) Private Limited  01-April-2015  01-April-2015  
19 Sri Maharshi Shipping Pvt. Ltd.     08-Jun-2018
20 MOL India Pvt. Ltd.
21 OOCL http://www.oocl.com/india/eng/localinformation/localsurcharges/Pages/default.aspx
22 Ralson Petrochemicals Limited  01-January-2015  01-January-2015  
23 MSC Agency (India) Private Limited



24 Sohom Shipping Pvt. Ltd.     17-May-2018
25 S.S. Enterprises     01-July_2018
26 Sri Maharshi Shipping Pvt.Ltd.     16-November-2015
27 T P Roy Chowdhury & Co. Pvt.Ltd. 29-April-2016 29-April-2016  01-July-2018
28 The Golden Enterprise     01-April-2015
29 The Kamal(Lines) Private Limited     01-April-2015
30 Kamal Mukerjee & Co.,(Shipping) Pvt Ltd.     01-April-2015
31 The Golden Enterprise     01-April-2015
32 Tuberose Logistics Pvt Ltd     01-April-2015
33 Yang Ming Line (India) Pvt. Ltd. http://www.yml.in/web_OLagent/Information/tariff.asp


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