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Last Updated On: 27-Jan-2022

SMP, Kolkata handled 61.368 MT of cargo traffic during 2020-21 (3rd highest annual throughput) vis-à-vis 63.983 MT during 2019-20, registering a nominal decline of 4.09%, despite the outbreak of Pandemic COVID 19 and severe ‘Amphan’ cyclone unleashing in May 2020. Significantly, the fall in traffic (overall at SMP, Kolkata) which was as high as around 23.74% till August’2020, was effectively arrested and narrowed down to 4.09% by the end of the fiscal due to robust traffic growth both at HDC and KDS during the intervening months.

SMPK’s traffic handling was pegged in the 5th position, vis-à-vis other Major Ports of India.
HDC handled 45.468 MT of cargo during 2020-21 (2nd highest annual throughput) vis-à-vis 46.68 MT in 2019-20. KDS handled 15.90 mt of cargo in 2020-21 vis-à-vis 17.303 mt during 2019-20.

Comparative performance of SMP, Kolkata in 2020-21 in respect of the following commodities vis-a-vis other Indian Major Ports deserves special mention: -


Coking Coal/Other Coal        SMP, Kolkata ranked 1st in terms of Coking Coal & Other Coal handling 

                                              amongst Major Ports of India.

Other Liquid Cargo               SMP, Kolkata ranked 2nd in Other Liquid Cargo amongst Major Ports.

Container                             SMP, Kolkata ranked 4th amongst Indian Major Ports in Container Traffic



SMP, Kolkata ranked 4th in 2020-21 amongst Indian Major Ports in Container traffic. 6,87,357 Container TEUs were handled at SMP, Kolkata during 2020-21 inspite of ongoing global Pandemic situation, disrupting international business throughout 2020-21 and various restrictions that were imposed during the prolonged Lockdown period.

KDS handled 5,37,878 TEUs in 2020-21. In the previous year, KDS achieved the highest ever container throughput of 6,75,439 TEUs. At HDC, 1,49,479 TEUs were handled in 2020-21 vis-a-vis 1,69,323 TEUs in 2019-20.

Number of vessels handled at SMP, Kolkata during 2020-21 was the highest amongst all Indian Major Ports. SMP, Kolkata handled about 16% of the total number of vessels, which worked at the Indian Major Ports in 2020-21.

During the year 2020-21, 3189 vessels called at the Port. In 2020-21, 3169 merchant vessels left KDS and HDC with gross registered tonnage of 699 lakh tonnes.



Statistics of cargo handled by Kolkata Port are given below. 



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