1. Real time Container Tracking within Container Terminal for efficient yard planning & quick delivery process will be introduced soon which will not only increase transparency but also uplift the customer experience.
  2. Online RFID Permits: SMP-Kolkata launched a web portal for online issuance /renewal of RFID based permit for Kolkata Dock. Port users are now able to issue/renew permits from Home/Office. Queue and waiting time at the Permit Office drastically reduced.
  3. Online Export Cart In order, Challan & Customs ready is made available for Port users in POMS Online services, where Port users can use the facility from home without any physical presence at Dock.
  4. In line with Export, Import Challan filing & OOC from Customs is also started online for all users in POMS online services without any physical presence.
  5. Delivery & Receiving of Containers are done in hand held devices & the import/export process has been made fully digitized/ paperless.
  6. Gate Appointment System (GAS) - GAS book or assign time slots for delivering each container, giving preferential treatment to trailers that choose to use this system. The goal is to rationalise and plan when trailers arrive in order to solve the problem of queues at Terminal gates, and make the logistics chain more efficient.
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