Title & Ref.No: Preparation of Land acquisition Proposal...23-Oct-2015
Tender Category: Civil Engg. Department
Tender Date: 23-Oct-2015 10:09:00
Bid Open Date: 30-Oct-2015 15:00:00
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Tender Details:

KOPT/KDS/CIV/T/2055/36 Date.19.10.15

Tender for Preparation of Land acquisition Proposal in connection with Rail-Road connectivity for development of proposed Port at Sagar Island

S.No Heading Dated Bid Open Date Details
1 Corrigendum-I 23-Oct-2015 12:20:00 30-Oct-2015 15:00:00 Details
2 GCC 27-Oct-2015 10:45:00 30-Oct-2015 15:00:00 Details