Title & Ref.No: Protection of XBIS UNIT at 11 KPD 08-Dec-14
Tender Category: Civil Engg. Department
Tender Date: 09-Dec-2014 17:00:00
Bid Open Date: 31-Dec-2014 15:00:00
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Tender Details:

Tender Notice No.: SEE/ KP/ 14-15/311/D/58 Dated: 03.12.2014

Name of the Work: Tender for Protection of XBIS UNIT at 11 KPD Passenger Terminal at KPD East, K. P.
Estimated Amount: Rs.6,90,030.46
Earnest Money: Rs. 13,850.00
Time of Completion: 3(three) months from the date of placement of order.